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4 Perfect Gift Ideas For The Yogi In Your Life

The yoga-loving family member, friend, or significant other in your life probably adds a lot of joy and peaceful zen to your life, so why not show them how much they mean to you with the perfect thoughtful gift? These yoga-inspired gift ideas will show your loved one you know them well and appreciate them and their love of yoga. Here are four perfect gift ideas for the yogi in your life:

Chakra Jewelry

In yoga, meditation, and some spiritual practices, the chakras are thought to be energy centers in the body and mind. Each chakra corresponds to a different type of energy and emotion. For example, the heart chakra, located in the center of your chest, is said to connect with feelings of love, while the third eye chakra corresponds with intuition. Chakra jewelry  is thought to help yogis tap into their chakras through the use of specific stones and precious metals.

In addition to the spiritual meaning, chakra jewelry is designed to be beautiful to look at and comfortable to wear during yoga practice, making it a very thoughtful gift for any yogi.

A Bamboo Yoga Mat

Yoga mats get grungy and worn out over time, and a yoga mat is essential to any yoga practice, so a brand new high quality yoga mat is always a welcome surprise. Bamboo yoga mats are especially nice because they are known for being durable, lightweight, and even naturally anti-bacterial. Plus, bamboo mats are a more eco-friendly choice which is important since many yogis are environmentally conscious.

A Class Pass

Yoga classes can really add up, especially when you go often. An especially generous gift for the yoga lover in your life is a weekly, monthly or even an annual pass to their favorite yoga studio. You could also get them a punch card for a specific number of classes. Giving your loved one the gift of free yoga will make their week, month, or year way better.

Essential Oil Diffuser and Oils

Most yogis like to keep the zen-like feeling going when they get home, which is what makes essential oils a great gift. An essential oil diffuser will fill their home with the soothing scent of lavender, ylang-ylang, or their favorite essential oil, helping to set the scene for at-home yoga and meditation. 

Any of these yoga-inspired gift ideas will be sure to put a smile on your favorite yogi's face.