Caring For A Diamond Engagement Ring: What You Need To Know

Receiving an engagement ring is undoubtedly an amazing experience--and if you said yes, it was probably one of the best moments of your life. Now that you have some bling on your finger, however, there are also some important care and maintenance tips you'll need to remember to keep your diamond ring looking its best for many years to come. Have It Inspected Twice a Year Many jewelers these days offer free lifetime warranties on engagement rings, so long as you keep up with the jeweler's maintenance plan. [Read More]

4 Excellent Alternatives To Gold And Silver For Your Wedding Band

Choosing the right wedding band for your nuptials can be a stressful process if you are not interested in buying a ring made of gold or silver. You may be on a tight budget or have a health issue such as contact dermatitis that prevents you from wearing certain types of precious metals. In addition, gold and metal alloys that contain nickel are known to cause adverse skin reactions for some people. [Read More]

Introducing Your Child To Coin Collecting: 3 Tips For Sparking Interest In The Hobby

Coin collecting can become a profitable hobby. You'd be surprised at just how much a single coin can be worth. In fact, one of the rarest coins is the 1794 or 1795 flowing hair silver and copper dollar, which is worth approximately$10 million. While it's not likely that you or your child will come across this gem, you can still have a lot of fun collecting some of the more popular and highly circulated and minted coins. [Read More]

The Perfect Counterfiet: Spotting The Omega Man's Fake Double Eagle Coins

Even novice coin collectors know that counterfeit coins are a very real threat among numismatics. They know that they've got to inspect collection pieces carefully before they buy them or risk paying big money for coins that that are not real minted pieces and can't be resold as such. Some counterfeit coins, however, can trick even the most seasoned of coin experts -- the Omega Man's Saint Gaudens double eagles being among the most noteworthy of hard-to-spot fakes. [Read More]